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Content: 60 Cap x 550 mg Bottle

An Energy Booster

Triple Ginseng is a unique combination of three types of ginseng. Chinese Ginseng, American Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng, all of these with combination are comprehensive and versatile for all mankind. Chinese Ginseng increases libido and provide energy. By its usage we get strength for spleen, stomach, heart and lungs. Chinese ginseng promotes a positive stimulation of Yang energy American Ginseng promotes a cool stimulated of Yin energy. Siberian Ginseng provides energy to natural energy.

It also promotes immune system and helps in ranging the blood sugar levels. Siberian Ginseng also improves energy, memory, appetite and overall health. All ginseng assures good health, strength and energy without any harmful effects and can be used for long time.


1-2 Cap. twice a day. Store at cool & dry place.

Tong Chong Cao >> Immune System + Cordyceps

For Generlaized Weakness

Content: 500 mg X 100 Capsules

Cordyceps Sinensis, the so-called caterpillar fungus, grows in the high plateaus of China, Nepal and Tibet. Botanically, it belongs to the mushroom family o, and for the past 1200 years it has been referred to as the "miracle" of traditional Chinese herbal science.

Now more and more scientists are conducting research into mushrooms in general and Cordyceps in particular to confirm their special ability to support our health and energy requirements.

The result is a product which contains pharmacologically active elements which have the
same functions as the wild Cordyceps. In line with the tradition of Chinese medicine, the benefits are believed to be a balancing effect of Qi – the fundamental energy of life. Tianshi Cordyceps taken regularly may help to support our ever more complex health needs, whilst increasing levels of energy and vitality.

Dosage: Take one or two capsules once or twice a day with water.

The modern society is in a state that owns unparalleled vantage. The human beings are enjoying the fast and convenient traffic, sumptuous and fine foods, limitless data and information, as well as colorful culture. However, the outspread vantages bring much adversity to modern people——the furious competition, busy work, too many social intercourses, as well as tense rhythm and tremendous pressure. Thus, many people are living in an irregular state and their repast is unreasonable, namely that they gain the successful career at the price of their health. With the development of modern industry——the pollution, radiation, toxic chemicals and all kinds of civilization diseases are striking every modern people. Therefore, the ideal “enjoy the nice life, own the health life” has been the dream.

The scientists and medicine authorities in American, Japanese, and German have finished the long-term experiments and have researched many clinical tests, and then they proved that Spirulina owns the efficacies for preventing and curing many diseases, while no side-effect will be caused as well.

Spirulina gets its name for its physique assumes to be spirality, and they live in alkalis saline of the tropical and semitropical zone. According to the textual research of the botanists, Spirulina is the earliest organism that appeared in the earth, they can produce the oxygen for promoting survival, multiply and evolution of the organisms. (Relevant Story) The Africa aborigines have realized the nutritive value of the Spirulina long before. They have taken the Spirulina as the main food, and the Spirulina makes their body stronger and full of vigor, so as to adapt the need of existence in the hot environment which demands the heavy physical performance. The medics investigated and discovered that the aborigines are difficult to fall ill, which is related to the Spirulina in enhancing the body immunity. In the 1960s, one of the Belgium expeditions traveled in Sahara, they found the green Spirulina in the Chadian Lake. The latent value of Spirulina is discovered according to the identification of the botanists. Later, the scientists have started their field investigations in succession. They all judge that Spirulina is the food that owns the most comprehensive and balanced nutriments of all the foods at present. (Relevant Story) In 1973, the France scientist Dr. Clement, who have applied himself to the research of Spirulina, published his research findings in the International Proteins Conference that: Spirulina is the best pure-natural proteins food source of all the foods known to human beings.

There are more than 25,000 kinds of algae in the earth, among all of them, blue algae are the earliest creature in the world, which appeared in more than 3.5 billion years ago. Spirulina belongs to the blue algae, and it is the minor algae which lives in waters and assumes cyan. The Spirulina gets its name because its shape is taenidia. The importance of Spirulina lies in that: it is able to supplement the essential nutriments for the human body, regulate the balance of the body physiological enginery, promote the body metabolism, strengthen the body immunity as well as enhance the body diathesis, so as to resist against the diseases. In this way, taking the Spirulina will bring all benefits and no harm to every person.

Health is the first wealth to human being. The health depends on not only the medicines, but also on the scientific nutrition. Fortunately, Spirulina has been the best natural and green health food that gathers the nutritional and medicinal values together so far. Therefore, it is ascertained by the FAO to be “the optimal natural health food for human body in 21st century”.

Relevant Story

The “talisman” of NASA

The astronauts have very supereminent body and mentality, but the long-term and hardy work must depend on “Super Nutrition”. However, the chamber seems to be “space about a inch is equal to a inch of gold”, so it cannot store too much food. Therefore, it is quite necessary to find the “Omnipotent Food” which is abundant in nutriments, high-quality proteins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and all kinds of microelements. In addition, the food must be small, light, safe, nontoxic, easy to be absorbed, hard to produce food debris, credible in quality, as well as easy to be stored. In order to solve the problem and find the “Super Food”, many scientists in American and Russian (the Soviet Union) Space Administrations have tried their best to research it. At last, the Spirulina become the final solution to the problem.

Spirulina——“Super Food”

In 1492, the explorer Columbus discovered the Spirulina in Mexico and saw magic efficacy with his own eye. However, the Europeans were immersed on the discovery of new continent during that time, so they showed no attention to the discovery of the Spirulina and forgot it gradually.
In 1940, the Spirulina was discovered by a European expedition in lakefront of the Chadian Lake in Central Africa. From then on, the Spirulina have raised the global green miracle in an irresistible momentum.

In all the known natural plants, Spirulina gathers all the most excellent nutriments which own the effects in health care. Moreover, Spirulina owns the optimum combinations of all the nutriments. For example, the whole nutriments in 1 gram of Spirulina are equal to 1 kilogram of all kinds of vegetables and fruits. In addition, 8 gram of Spirulina is able to keep the human life for 40 days.

The nutriments content in Spirulina is nearly the same as the ideal standard for human body which designed by the Food and Agriculture Organization. Thus, it is canonized consistently by the United Nations and all the countries in the world.
The average life of Japan ranks the first in the world for they can consume 500 tons of Spirulina every year. Every one of them takes the Spirulina when they traveled in China. In addition, Japan imports more than 500 tons of Spirulina products from American every year (there is no natural Spirulina in Japanese homeland); 73% of who are more than 50 years old take the Spirulina.

“Laurels” won by Spirulina
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommended: “Spirulina is the optimal food in 21st century”.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommended: “Spirulina is the optimal and perfect food in the future”.

The International Microorganism and Proteins Conference deemed the Spirulina to be “the super health food in the future”.

The United Nations World Food Conference recognized the Spirulina to be “the super health food”.
The World Federation of United Nations Association praised the Spirulina to be “the optimal nutrition source in 21st century”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) ascertained that: “Spirulina is the optimal health food for human being in 21st century”.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA): “Spirulina is the optimal source to proteins for human”.
The Chinese Ministry of Health deemed the Spirulina to be “new resource and health food”.

Main ingredients of the product

Material: the pure-natural and high-quality Spirulina
Basic ingredients: proteins 55-70%; carbohydrates 12-17%; fats 5-8%; fibers 5-7%
1) Amino acids (amino acids g/100g proteins)
Essential amino acids:
Isoleucine 5.9; leucine 9.1; lysine 5.4; methionine 2.9; threonine 4.8; phenylalanine 5.5; valine 6.7; tryptophan 1.0
Non-essential amino acids:
Alanine 8.4; arginine 6.5; glutamic acid 15.0; aspartic acid 10.3; cystine 0.6; glycine 5.4; praline 2.1; histidine 1.5; tyrosine 4.6; serine 4.2
2) Mineral elements (mg/100g)
Potassium 1450; sodium 41.2; calcium 131.5; phosphor 894.2; magnesium 191.5; iron 58.0; zinc 3.9; manganese 2.5
3) Vitamins (mg/100g)
VA source 110-200; VB1 5.5; VB2 4.0; VB6 0.3; VB12 0.2; VE 19.0; pantothenic acid 1.1; VH 0.04; folic acid 0.05; nicotinic acid 11.8; inositol 35
4) Fatty acids
Fatty acids 5.7%; lauric acid (C-12) 229mg/kg; myristic acid (C-14) 644mg/kg; palmitoleic acid (C-16) 2035mg/kg; palmitlinoleic acid (C-16) 2565mg/kg; heptadecanoic acid (C-17); oleic acid (C-18) 3009mg/kg; eleaostearic acid (C-18) 353mg/kg; linoleic acid (C-18); y-linolenic acid (C-18) 11970mg/kg; a-linolenic acid (C-18) 427mg/kg
4) Other nutriments
Phycocyanin 16-20%; carotene190mg/100g; β-carotene 170mg/100g; chlorophyll 760mg/100g; xanthophylls 100mg/100g; cryptoxanthin 55.6mg/100g; echinenone 43.9mg/100g; zeaxanthin 31.6mg/100g

Efficacy of the product

1) Strengthening the body, enhancing the body capability to resist the epidemic diseases. Immune system, which is equal to the army and policeman of a country, is the barrier to confront various illness-caused factors from both interior and exterior of human body. Thus, it is the guarantee to assure body in a healthy state for a long time. If immune system is damaged because of various reasons, the ability of our body to confront illness will recede. Then the nosogenesis will enter our body from the weak points, which will cause serious damage to our health.

The Spirulina owns the unique nutriments and it is abundant in compounds which can strengthen the body immunity, such as β- carotene, phycocyanin, polysaccharides, etc. These nutriments can enhance the activity of the body immune system obviously, as well as kill the pathogens effectively, so as to enhance the body capability of resisting the diseases, decrease the incidences of infection, tumour and autoimmune diseases effectively as well.

The Spirulina can disturb the reproduction and breeding of many kinds of viruses. In addition, lots of amino acids in Spirulina can repair the damage of liver cells and resume the liver function, so is owns good curative effect to hepatitis. Moreover, the Spirulina is able to supplement the physical force and promote the recovery. Furthermore, it is able to regulate the metabolism, enhance the visceral organs functions and resist the anoxia, so you will feel full of vigor if you take the Spirulina for a long time.

The medical scientists discovered that the Spirulina can stimulate not only the immune system. In fact, it is able to strengthen the body ability to produce the new blood cells. The important component parts of immune system——marrow stem cell, macrophage, T-cell, natural killer cell, spleen and thymus are all enhanced in functions. It is because that the macrophage is increasing in quantity and augmenting in activity, so it will be more effective in sterilization.
The Japanese scientists claimed in the latest published literature that: a unique extract in the Spirulina is able to inhibit the replications of AIDS virus, herpes virus, flu virus, parotitis virus and measles virus, at the same time, the extract is quite safe to human body.

2) Enhancing the body capability to resist harmful radiations
The Spirulina is the well-known natural health product for resisting the radiation. The Spirulina polysaccharides can enhance the body immunity, and resist the harmful radiations in inhibiting the normal proliferations of the human marrow cells.

(Relevant Story) In 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the former Soviet Union suffered the disastrous nuclear leakage, so thousands of the local people were emerged at death threat of the nuclear radiation. The international community was carrying out the humanitarianism aid.

Of all the disaster-relief materials and equipments, the most precious one was the Spirulina product, which was developed by Japan just then. The product was able to resume the hematopoiesis for people who were radiated, thus, the incidence of the radioactive diseases decreased greatly. From then on, it has been well-known that the Spirulina owns the prominent efficacy in resisting the radiation.

(Relevant Story) In modern life, the harmful radiations are bringing more and more negative effects to human health. For example, the computers and mobile telephones, microwave equipments, as well as bad materials from finishing the houses will cause serious damage especially to pregnant women and embryos. The prominent effect on resisting the radiation damage of Spirulina can build the solid “protecting wall” to resist radiation for you.

Nowadays, we are facing the damage from poisonous chemicals in air, water, microwave, mobile telephone, bad finishing materials, foods and medicines. Thus, we should eliminate the accumulated toxins in the body constantly. The comprehensive and unique trophic structure for Spirulina is abundant in chlorophyll, phycocyanin, polysaccharides, so it is able to detoxicate and expel the toxins effectively.

At the same time, the Spirulina is also the ideal auxiliary medicine for curing the tumour with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Lots of clinical experiments indicate that Spirulina can release the untoward reactions greatly after radiotherapy and chemotherapy for people who suffered from the tumour.

3) The Spirulina and diabetes
The diabetics are easy to suffer from the deficiency of essential nutriments of human body, since they have to bear many tabus in their meal. Fortunately, the “natural green health care products” ——Spirulina is abundant in ample, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, so it is able to supplement the comprehensive and balanced nutrition quickly for the diabetics.

At the same time, the Spirulina preparation owns the auxiliary therapeutic action to diabetics. Series of researches manifest that the polysaccharides in the Spirulina can strengthen the body capability of eliminating the free radicals, alleviate or inhibit the damage in pancreatic islet β-cell from the free radicals, promote the repair and regeneration of the pancreatic islet β-cell, improve the relative deficiency in insulin, as well as rectify disorder of the lipid metabolism. In addition, the flavonoids in the Spirulina can improve the functions of pancreatic islet β-cell persistently. Moreover, the organic chromium can improve the sugar tolerance for diabetics and decrease the blood sugar and blood fat.

Although the functions in decreasing the sugar is weaker than many medical medicines used by the Herbalist and Western doctors, the Spirulina owns no side-effect and can be used for a long time. In addition, the Spirulina can act as the auxiliary medicine for the light and moderate increasing of blood sugar, or for whose blood sugar are controlled basically, so as to improve the systemic functions. Meantime, it is able to decrease the dose of the medicine which synthesized by chemical ways and used for lowering the sugar, alleviate the toxic action and side effect.

4) Spirulina and cardiovascular diseases
With the growth in human living standard and change of dietary structure, the cardiovascular diseases have become “the first killer” to modern urbanites. In order to prevent the deathful cardiopathy and apoplexy, we should decrease the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Besides changing the bad dietary and living habits, we should take some natural foods which own the efficacy in health protection, while Spirulina is the very food that satisfies the demands.
Researches from Department of Scientific in Tokyo University manifest that the Spirulina is abundant in the essential fatty acid— γ-linolenic acid, which is able to decrease the serum cholesterol and improve the degree of arteriosclerosis, so as to alleviate the heart disease effectively. In addition, no side effect was found during the researches.

Scientists in Mexico, Argentina Japan and India have discovered that Spirulina owns the efficacy in lowering the cholesterol. Moreover, the Spirulina is able to enhance the cardiovascular system functions and decrease the blood sugar.
The published literature in Japan and India indicate that: the blood cholesterol can be lowered if we take some grams of Spirulina every day. In addition, it is able to increase the high density lipoprotein (good cholesterol) when lowering the low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) in blood serum. The researches in German and Japan discovered that the body weight will decrease with the lowering of cholesterol. All the researches show that Spirulina can decrease the cholesterol, so it is the beneficial and nutritional supplement for keeping the health in cardiovascular system.

5) Spirulina and beauty Improvment
The Spirulina contains the active substances that can resist the aging, such as β-carotene, vitamin E, γ-linolenic acid. Therefore, it is able to eliminate the free radicals in vivo, postpone the body aging, regulate the metabolism, facilitate the normalization of body functions, delay the gonad atrophy and enhance its vigor, so as to provide the beauty for you through the body.
The Spirulina is the complete health food that high in proteins and low in calorie, for it is abundant in balanced nutriments such as plant proteins, vitamins, chlorophylls, β- carotene, γ-linolenic acid, so it is able to regulate the metabolism. In addition, the Spirulina is rich in iron, so the anaemia will not be caused when you are slimming.

6) Spirulina and children nutrition
The children demand the nutriments urgently for they are on their development stage. Once the nutrition supply is insufficient in this stage, it will cause serious adverse effects for their health and growth. The comprehensive and abundant nutriments in Spirulina can provide the “shortcut” for supplement the nutrition to children scientifically.
People who own the weak body condition, poor immunity and who are easy to catch cold

Target customers

  • People who always use the computers, mobile telephones and sorts of microwave equipments
  • Diabetics
  • People who are in the tense work and often feel fatigue.
  • People who suffered the hyperlipemia and cardiovascular diseases
  • People who are eager for the good stature by eating too little
  • People who are deficiency in liver functions
  • People who often have no breakfast and ruleless diet
  • People who are busy on their work and always take the snack
  • People who suffered disease in the stomachs and intestines or who are deficiency in digestive functions
  • The youth and children who are on their growth (especially essential to one who is fastidious and anorexia to the food)
  • People who are on the treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Edible method
Three times per day, six pieces for one time.

Notice: It has two kinds of packing including troche and capsule, but the function and processing method are the same.

3 Essence Capsules

Cordyceps is a traditional famous and precious traditional Chinese medicine in our country, which is as famous as ginseng and hairy deerhorn. Cordyceps, ginseng and hairy deerhorn are called the three great tonic substances. Cordyceps is rare and difficult for collection, so it is very valuable and called "Gold in drug".


Cordyceps contains about 7% of cordycepic acid, about 25% of proteins, about 8.4% of lipids (among them, 82.2% are unsaturated fatty acids), 20 types of amino acids (including the 8 types of essential amino acids required by human body), abundant vitamins, mineral substance, fungisterol, hexose alcohol and various alkaloids and biological enzymes.

Relevant fundamental knowledge

In the ancient books and records of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Ben Cao Cong Xin (1957) and A Supplement to the Compendium of Materia Medica (1795), there are detailed records and description of Cordyceps. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is sweet in taste and warm in nature, goes into the channels of lung and kidney, has the same functions as ginseng, and can restore qi, enhance essence and qi, tonify the kidney, protect lungs, arrest bleeding, and resolve phlegm. It is indicated for long-term chronic cough, asthma, night sweat, impotence etc. and the invigoration for recovery and valetudinarianism.

It has been found in modern study that Cordyceps can significantly enhance immunity and resist tumors, which makes Cordyceps more valuable. In addition, Cordyceps are both food and drugs and a valuable tonic health care product famous both at home and abroad.

Relevant story:

Cordyceps is a fungi of claviceps purpurea family parasitized in the larvae if swift moths (a lepidopterous insect) growing in high altitude localities. The larvae infestated by the fungi goes into earth in winter and gradually forms sclerotia (the crust of polypide is still intact at this time). In summer, the propagative organs of polypide grow from the sclerotia or the body of dead larvae and the shape of them are like grass, so it is called "Dong Cong Xia Cao" in Chinese, which means the larvae in winter and the grass in summer.

Another story is, Pu Songling, the author of Liao Zai, once described Cordyceps as follows: "The name of Cordyceps agrees with its features; Cordyceps is produced via changes; The same material is both animal and plant; What a wonder in the world!".

Main ingredients and efficacies of the product

Main ingredients of the product: high quality Cordyceps mycelia

Efficacy of the product:

1) Enhancing immunity, augmenting the capacity of body to resist various communicable diseases and inhibiting the incidence of tumors. Immune system is the barrier of human body against various pathogenic factors, equivalent to the armed force and policemen of a country, which is the guarantee for the "long period of stability" of human body. If immune system is impaired due to various reasons, the anti-disease capacity will be reduced like the decrease of the fighting capacity of a national armed force and various pathogenic factors (namely the internal and external enemies) will take advantage of this weak point. The so-called exterior enemies are different kinds of viruses, harmful bacteria and fungi, which may lead to communicable diseases. However, the internal enemies, namely tumors, are more dangerous. Tumor is the malignant transformation of normal cells. Because of the immune surveillance of immune system, the malignant transformation rate is low. Even if malignant transformation occurs, the malignant cells will be eradicated by immune system in a flash. However, when immune system is in hypofunction, the incidence rate of tumors will be greatly increased, which may result in serious injury to health. Enhancing immunity is like enhancing the fighting capacity of an army, which is a long-term process. Cordyceps contains a great variety of compounds that can enhance the immunity of human body, such as cordycepic polysaccharide and acid. Long-term use of Cordyceps can significantly enhance the function and vitality of immunocytes in vivo, stimulate the generation of various immunologic active factors, significantly increase the activity of immune system, enhance immunity, thus effectively resist various endogenous and exogenous diseases, decrease the incidence rates of infections, tumors and autoimmune diseases, and it has no side effects.

2) Enhancing physical strength, improving sleep quality, mitigating fatigue and promoting sexual function.
Cordyceps is called the "good drug for various diseases of deficiency" and has the same functions as ginseng. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it goes into the kidney channels, and has the effects of restoring qi and enhancing essence and qi. In traditional Chinese medicine, kidney can regulate the functions of human body and provide "vigor" and "motivity" for vital activities (the kidney in Western medicine is only the kidney in anatomy). The functional changes and balance adjustment of kidneys affect the dynamic balance of the five zang-organs and six fu-organs in the human body. "Deficiency of the kidney" mainly refers to the hypofunctions concerned with kidney, such as hypomnesia, low sexual function, liability to bone fracture, anemia, lassitude in loin and legs etc.

However, "tonifying the kidney" should not be performed blindly. Cordyceps can not only nourish the yin of lungs, but also tonify the yang of kidney, enrich essence and blood, and is a top-grade product for tonifying and nourishing yin and yang. It also can increase cardio-pulmonary function and the oxygen carrying amount in vivo, promote physical performance and endurance, enhance the tolerance to the pressures from work and environment, facilitate the recovery from fatigue and promote various functions of human body.

In addition, the unique components in Cordyceps can consolidate the constitution, enhance essence, tonify the kidney, significantly improve the physiological metabolism of males, enhance body constitution, ameliorate deficiency of the kidney and debility, increase the secretion of male hormone in vivo, stimulate the secretion functions of adrenal glands, strengthen male sexual function, improve the manifestations of poor sexual functions, such as impotence, premature ejaculation etc. And Cordyceps can also significantly ameliorate all sorts of discomfort in the climacteric period of females.

Moreover, Cordyceps can supplement physical strength and facilitate recovery. It can regulate metabolism, enhance internal organ functions, resist anoxia, and this is the reason why people will feel full of physical energy after long-term administration of Cordyceps. In the early time after healing from diseases, the body constitution of patients is often weak, and taking Cordyceps at this time can contribute to faster recovery.

For the moment, it has been proved by the research of sports medicine that Cordyceps can enhance the body constitution of athletes and promote motor ability, postpone the generation of fatigue, expedite the elimination of fatigue. In addition, Cordyceps contains no prohibited component and has no toxic or side effect, so Cordyceps preparation will be a new magic weapon for athletes to obtain good performance records.

3) Effectively preventing and curing different kinds of respiratory diseases.
Acute respiratory diseases result from different kinds of viruses and bacteria with a rapid onset. Malpractice may lead to the change of acute respiratory diseases into chronic respiratory diseases. Once acute respiratory diseases severely impair the lives and health of human, but with the extensive use of antibiotics, the threats of acute respiratory diseases to human are gradually reduced.

Among chronic respiratory diseases, chronic tracheitis and emphysema are most common, and smoking is the principal cause of formation of chronic obstructive respiratory disease. The tracheas of smokers are exposed to pessimal stimulation for a long time, which results in repeated attack of inflammations, gradual degeneration of pulmonary functions and gradual aggravation of respiratory tract symptoms.

Although the aggravation of chronic bronchitis and emphysema is a long process, it may seriously impair respiratory system and pulmonary function, significantly increase the risk of lung cancer, even cause pulmonary heart disease and respiratory system failure and endanger life.

Relevant story: In the ancient times, our sapiential ancestors found Cordyceps went into the lung channel and had significant improving actions on chronic bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma.
Cordyceps can promote immunologic functions of human body, significantly resist a great variety of pathogens of respiratory tract, prevent lung cancer, significantly dilate bronchus, clean tracheae, decrease the production of sputa, effectively solve the problems of asthma and dyspnea, and has favorable anti-inflammatory action.

Therefore, if you are suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, Cordyceps can improve your discomforts (such as cough, sputa, asthma and inflammation) without any toxic or side effect.

4) Enhancing the capacity of human body of defending against different kinds of harmful radiations.
The achievement of modern civilization not only brings convenience to life, but also increases the incidence rate of various tumors and blood diseases. In some developed cities, tumor has been the "No. 1 killer" threatening lives and Cordyceps has outstanding actions of radioresistance and can provide you a solid "protecting wall" against harmful radiation.
Malignant tumor patients often require high dose of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which not only kill tumor cells, but also seriously impair the normal cells in human body, especially marrow cells and reproductive cells.

Cordyceps can significantly mitigate the adverse reactions after radiotherapy and chemotherapy (gastrointestinal tract reactions, such as nausea and vomit) and has assistant actions. Cordyceps can prevent and repair the cell injury due to ionizing radiation or harmful chemical substances, facilitate the multiplication and differentiation of bone marrow stem cells and reproductive cells of human body. In particular, it has significant improving actions on various impairment caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

5) Inhibiting the process of senescence
"Free radicals" are chemical radicals with strong oxidability in human body and the root cause of the aging of human body and many diseases. It has been proved by a great deal of in vivo and in vitro tests that Cordyceps contains a great variety of active components that can eliminate free radicals, and is one of the most effective natural antioxidants having been found up to now, which can significantly reduce the injury of "free radicals" to tissues and organs, inhibit the activity of monoamine oxidase, thereby significantly postpone the deterioration and aging of various functions and prolong life.

6) Reducing the content of adverse lipids in blood and decreasing the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. With the growth in the living standard, great changes have occurred in the diet structure and life style of modern man. People intake more and more fat and saccharides and have less and less physical work. With the increase of age, the fat metabolism functions of human body will decrease. Therefore, fats will deposit in vessels of heart and brain and result in hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular accident, which is a severe threat for the health of people. According to statistical results, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have been the "No. 1 killer" for modern urbanites.
The unsaturated fatty acid and polysaccharide components in Cordyceps can decrease the adverse lipids, such as triglyceride, low density lipoproteins in blood, promote helpful high density cholesterol (HDL), play a role of "blood vessel scavenger", effectively eliminate different kinds of undesirable components in blood, decrease plasma viscosity, prevent thrombosis, formation of atherosclerosis plaques and spasm of coronary artery (providing blood supply to heart), maintain the normal blood supply in important tissues and organs, effectively ameliorate arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and prevent and cure various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

7) Cordyceps is a "natural antibiotic", and can inhibit and kill various pathogens.
Cordyceps has significant inhibiting and killing actions on a great variety of common bacteria, such as staphylococci, streptococci, mycobacterium tuberculosis etc., and has no common side effects of antibiotics.

8) Cordyceps also has significant improving actions on low liver function due to various causes and diabetes

Production technique
This product is made with high quality Cordyceps mycelia as raw materials using advanced production technology and modern high-tech biological isolation techniques so as to increase product concentration, biological activity and health care effects. The contents of many active components in this product are higher than those in natural Cordyceps. Capsule is used as the medicament form. This product is a high quality liquid and can be absorbed more completely and faster. It is convenient for carrying and you can enjoy the health and convenience provided to you by the natural precious substances and high techniques.

Target customers:
The persons with poor body constitution and low immunity and easy to catch cold
The persons with cough and abundant expectoration smoking for a long time; asthmatic patients
The persons in the recovery period after suffering from diseases and operations
The persons with low sexual function
The persons with hyperlipemia and cardiovascular diseases
The persons with hyperglycemia
The persons with low liver function
The patients receiving surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy because of tumors
The persons with busy work and often feeling tired
The persons with high pressure of life and poor sleep
The persons exposed to computer, mobile telephone and various microwave devices for a long time

Edible method:
Take it with warm water 30 minutes after meal. 1-2 capsules each time, once or twice a day.

Unsuitable group:

Children and teenagers.

Active Oxygen Napkin