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Invented by Mr Gao Jiajun. its function is to adjust despaired cell potential through theory of Biological electricity. Its operation Intergrades with Chinese old theory on physical channels, Drainage that reaches the purpose of health protestation and recovery. Successfully marketed by Chinese in many contries such as: Russia, France, China and Turkey for the past few year it has marked curative effect on many usual diseases, such as headache, hair-loss, asthma, toothache, stomach and intestinal diseases nephropathy, rheumatism arthritic pain and diseases-of liver & spleen by interpreting with different treating methods. Treatment takes about 3-5 minutes. Function of product and its objects heat and brain vessel: Reduces high blood pressure reducing the rate of incidence of diseases of health and brain vessel, bulling coronary artery .convulsion lighten heart load, Reduces tiredness and improvement insomnia. Pain relive he :- : Cuot and its objectives Heart and cressure. balance blood pressure dance of diseases of heart and coronary artery. Convulsion ..:2 - - - tiuces tiredness and generalart’ Fritis. Toothache, nflammation. Backpain -. Protection Strengthens loose hair follicles new hair generation and general hair care. Characteristic
1. Small in size and very light portable and convenient.
2. Big contact area do not need to aim at specia! point since its contact area can over the acupoint region.
3. Immediate effect within 3-5 minutes after usage Having balance. adjustment, keep
4. Similar to scrapping
5. Pure green treatment without any side effect. blood pressure Double message and treatment for sunstroke by when combing.


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